Real Christmas Tree FAQs

Whether it's your first time having a real Christmas tree in your home, or whether you have had them for a number of years. You will always find that you have questions leading up to your purchase. Some are about finding the best tree for your home, some are the best ways to care for your tree. We have pulled a number of the most frequently asked questions to help in your decision.

Finding The Right Tree

Which tree is best for a home with children?
We recommend the Nordmann Christmas tree. The Nordmann is the premium non-drop Christmas tree. This means that there will be fewer spines on the floor for little feet to step on. The spines on the Nordmann are softer than some of the alternatives.
Which tree is best for a home with a dog?
For homes with pets, we recommend the Nordmann Fir. The softer bristles on this tree will be gentler on any pets, not just dogs. However, where possible, we recommend trying not to let your dog chew any tree.
Potted or non-potted in the home?
This is generally a personal preference. However, if you are looking at having your tree up and decorated in your home for more than a couple of weeks, a potted tree will last longer and will have less needle shedding. If your home is warm, a potted tree can be watered to help keep it healthier.
How big is too big?
This entirely depends on the space in your home. We recommend measuring the space that you have available before coming to pick your tree. This includes the floor space available, without the branches touching its surroundings. You will also want to measure your ceiling height. Remember to deduct space for your pot, tree base or even your tree topper!

Caring For Your Tree

How do I stop a tree shedding?
The best option is to choose a non-shedding tree, like the Nordmann Fir. This will lose very few needles unless disturbed too much. However, if it's too late and you have a shedding tree you need to ensure that the tree is getting enough water. Firstly, make sure the tree is away from heat sources, like radiators and fireplaces. If your tree is potted, ensure that the soil in the pot is nice and moist. If you have a tree in a water stand, ensure that the stand still contains water. If it does, but your tree still isn't absorbing it, you will want to make a new cut at the base of the trunk to ensure that water is able to be absorbed.
Please DO NOT use hairspray. This is creating a fire hazard, and having hairspray on a tree with lights increases the risk.
Where is best to have a tree in the home?
We recommend that you keep your real Christmas tree away from heat sources in the home. This includes radiators and fireplaces as these will dry out your tree, even if they are potted. Remember to try and have a plug nearby if you are having lights on your tree.
Do I need to cut the base of my tree before decorating?
The purpose of a fresh cut before decorating your tree is to help it absorb water better, keeping it healthier for longer. 3 to 6 hours after the tree has been cut it will start to dry along the cut meaning it won't be as absorbent. Trimming between half an inch and an inch off the end will refresh this and allow your tree to absorb again.
Do I need to acclimate my tree?
If you are bringing your tree from outside and straight into your home it can be a significant change in temperature that the tree will not be ready for. This can cause trauma to the tree which will make it shed its needles. Where possible, acclimate the tree for a day or two, ideally in a garage, a warmish shed, or even the porch of your home. You will want to shake the tree before you bring it inside in case it does drop needles.

If you have any further questions regarding caring for your tree or finding the right tree, please get in touch with a member of the team here at Weston Sawmill. We will be happy to assist you.

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