Christmas Trees in Shropshire

Christmas trees in Shropshire

Weston Sawmill has a vast range of great Christmas trees in our Shropshire nursery. Our Christmas trees come in a whole host of shapes and sizes and are suitable for any home or business. All of our Christmas trees in Shropshire are reasonably priced and are the perfect solution to adorn with decorations every December!

Why choose our Christmas trees?

All of our Christmas trees in Shropshire are of premium quality and are grown to be the perfect Christmas centrepiece. Our collection of Christmas trees includes both Spruce and Fir trees. These two Christmas trees give you ideal options on whether you want a long or short term Christmas tree. Fir trees shed every year and are ideal for a large outdoor Christmas display.

Spruce trees shed every three to four years and are ideal for an indoor display one year and then an outdoor display the year afterwards. Whatever you are looking for in a Christmas tree, we can help you find it no matter the restrictions or requirements.

Why should I buy a real Christmas tree?

If you are mulling over investing in a real tree this year, why not consider the following benefits -

Environmentally Friendly - Real trees are planted at the Weston Sawmill nursery to be sold around the festive period, which means their sole purpose is to sustain the Christmas tree market.

If the demand is higher, more trees will be planted, with the Carbon Trust stating that real trees are up to 10 times better for the environment than artificial ones. For fake trees, it would take ten years of reusing to equal the environmental impact of a real tree.

Because trees produce more oxygen, tree plantations and farms help to improve the atmosphere.

The true smell of Christmas - Unlike faux trees, real trees give off a wonderful, subtle fresh pine needle smell that can never truly be replicated.

If you've never really invested in a real tree, you are missing out on one of the true joys of Christmas.

Free up storage space - While some of us have plenty of storage space, some might not be able to store last year's tree.

Even trees that can be split into smaller parts can take up plenty of storage room. If you live in a city or a property with limited space, purchasing a real tree is the best solution.

Potted trees also don't take up much space plus they can be kept on balconies or in your back garden until next year.

Eco-friendly - Most faux trees are made of plastic which when its no longer of use will be discarded and make their way to landfill. Don't forget fake trees cannot be recycled.

Real trees, however, can be discarded and thrown away plus they are biodegradable and have zero net damage to the environment. You will also have the option to compost your tree once you are finished with it. Even if your tree ends up in green waste bins, it will most likely end up as compost.

You could also purchase one of our potted trees that keeps on growing year after year. This can be cut down to size eventually, it’s low maintenance and saves more trees being cut down every year.

Make your festival season extra special

Here at Weston Sawmill and nursery, we have over twenty years of industry experience. Our staff are made up of experts in both woodworking and arboreal fields. Our work takes all around the West Midlands and we frequently supply our services to Shropshire, Staffordshire, and Wolverhampton area. In addition to supplying high-quality Christmas trees, we also supply artisanal woodworking products to the public. We can work to a range of requirements and frequently supply sheds, decking, fencing, as well as producing bespoke solutions to meet customer needs. We offer delivery services of our Christmas trees throughout Shropshire and are happy to arrange a date that works for you.

If you're looking for the perfect Christmas tree this year, come to us at Weston Sawmill and Nursery in Shropshire. Our dedicated team of staff will be eager to help you find the perfect tree for your home, garden, business, or event so that your Christmas is guaranteed to be extra special.

Get in touch with any questions

Whatever Christmas tree you decide on, our team of specialists will help you every step of the way to ensure you are happy with the result and enjoy an enchanted Christmas! So, if you’re looking for a perfect range of Christmas trees in Shropshire, we are the best place to visit.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us now.

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