Here you can find other ranges we stock here at Weston Sawmill, including nails, ply and fixings.

  • £0.00

    Barbed wire from Weston Sawmill is extremely popular in agriculture plus they can also be used for t..

  • £0.00

    We stock everything from bird seed to bird baths...

  • £11.00

    We stock Cuprinol Fence Care paint which offers great coverage and comes in a good variety of colour..

  • £0.00

    Weston Sawmill offers a great selection of garden tools that can be used for a variety of tasks. The..

  • £4.50

    Our easy to light kindling is ideal for all types of fires and gets your fire off to a roaring start..

  • £7.99

    Log roll fencing is the perfect way to finish off borders in your garden and to add a truly stylish ..

  • £4.50

    Weston Sawmill stock firewood logs that are bagged-up in-store and ready to go, that are guaranteed ..

  • £3.50

    Manila rope is ideal for sectioning off an area of the garden or just to put around your decking are..

  • £4.50

    Weston Sawmill stock nails in various sizes, including 25mm to 150mm and, are sold per kg. Common n..

  • £22.78

    8' x 4'..

  • £0.00

    We sell rabbit netting in various sizes and length rolls and with different size holes...

  • £5.00

    We stock screws in many different sizes so you are sure to get the screw you need!..

  • £17.99

    Our range of smokeless coal is a great choice for those living in smoke control areas plus anyone wh..

  • £63.88

    50m Roll..

  • £10.00

    For use under chipped bark in flower beds and borders. Available in 30m by 1m rolls...

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