Sawn Timber

Weston Sawmill stock large quantities of sawn timbers for a variety of uses including creating bespoke outdoor furniture, decking, poles, wedges, domestic fencing and timber screens. Take a look at our product range below and contact us if you have any enquiries. We’d be happy to help.  

Why choose sawn timber from Weston Sawmill?

Sawn timber from Weston Sawmill is ideal for non-structural internal work where a planed finish is not needed. Rough sawn timber is a great choice for any DIY or construction project such as domestic fencing, allowing you to cut, adapt and finish your timber to suit the style of your home. We offer a wide range of sizes of sawn timber pieces, meaning you will always find the perfect fit for your project.

What is the difference between rough and planed timber?

Rough timber is wood that has been sawn but then has no further treatment, which will leave the sides of the wood with rough edges. This is ideal for a project where treated wood is not required or important to the application. This wood can be concealed behind other materials, but it is known for its strength rather than its aesthetics.

Planed timber is the opposite of rough timber, in that it has been treated and smoothed down to remove the rough edges. This makes the detailing more prominent, so is ideal for applications where aesthetics matter. Some applications may include kitchen surfaces or shelves.

How can I use sawn timber? 

Sawn timber is timber that has been sawn from a log into different shapes. It can be used internally for the construction of pitched roofs, floorboards, skirting and upper floorboards. Externally, treated timber can be used for roof soffits, fascia's, cladding, guttering and external loading timbers. If you are looking to upgrade the landscaping of your garden then you can also incorporate sawn timber into new fencing or decking, adding a touch of class to your outdoors.

If you have any questions about our range of sawn timber, please call us on 01952 850 383 today or you can fill out our contact form to make an enquiry. You can browse our current range online here.

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